Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Talecraft E-Zine

There are a couple of local game writers and designers who aspire to be published. Whenever I run into them, they usually talk about their game system that they've been working on for the past 10 years, or that they have this idea for a game, etc. Not a lot does something about it however (sounds familiar, aspiring writers?).

One game that didn't fare that fate is Talecraft, a card game designed and distributed locally. You can read the rules here and from the looks of it (I haven't played it), the closest game I can think of is Once Upon a Time. Of course personally, it has that story-teller RPG feel to it, including the element of giving coins to other players.

Anyway, they also have an e-zine, which can be downloaded here and talks about the craft of writing and telling stories. One of the contributors is Dominique Cimafranca.


Unknown said...

The easiest way to get over that "I'm writing something cause I want to be published but I'll never submit it" syndrome is to write a couple short stories, submit those, get rejected (or accepted) and develop that thick skin that will allow you to make objective decisions on your work. Are you really up for publication? Is your work good enough? Can you handle the inevitable long list of rejections that most writers face? If after a couple rejections you become bitter and one of those "well they just don't know good work when they see it" people, then quit being a writer and find something else to do (only if you actually are serious about that attitude and it persists). If you look at rejections, go "well that sucks" and continue writing and submitting, well, maybe you're cut out for it from a professional standpoint and you should keep at it...
So, stop saying you're going to do something...just do it :P.

Sorry, rant over. The game actually looks really interesting and I'm curious...I'll keep an eye on it because I might want to fiddle with that in the future.

Dom Cimafranca said...

Thanks for the push, Charles!

Kudos to Lakan David Inocencio for pushing the zine out.