Friday, January 04, 2008

Podcasts for 2007

2007 was easily the best year for me and a lot of thanks goes to the podcasts. In fact, if it weren't for the podcasts, I probably wouldn't even have thought of recording the various speculative fiction events that was happening here in the Philippines. Anyway, here's my top three for various podcast topics:

Fiction and Writing Podcasts:
  1. The Agony Column: This was honestly the first podcast I ever listened to--back in the day when I was still on dial-up and had to settle for Real Audio file because the mp3 files were too big. It has also been a consistent source for podcasts when it comes to author/publisher/bookstore interviews and easily has the best content.
  2. Writing for Pay: This is actually a very underrated podcast and has a very interesting theme: featuring writers whose writing won't get you laid. Let's face it, writing can sometimes be unglamorous but interesting. Also, I owe Wade Rockett big time because if it weren't for his comment thanking me for plugging his podcast, I probably wouldn't have thought of doing my weekly round-up. Also intersects with my other interest, gaming, as he interviews various personalities from the game industry such as Eric Franklin and Wolfgang Baur.
  3. The Secrets Podcast: After being recommended by a lot of writers who're podcasting, Michael Stackpole gives great advice on the craft of writing and also kindled my interest for the etymology of words.
Special Mention: If you're looking for SF&F podcasts, there's no better site than SFFaudio. I mean it's the closest thing to an aggregator of SF&F podcasts and was easily one my resources. In 2008 I've come full circle as I'm now contributing to their site.

Tabletop RPG Podcasts:
  1. Pulp Gamer: I love the interviews, I love the recordings of the GAMA Trade Show panels and the Gen Con panels. I love their board game reviews as well and the only thing lacking is for them to actually talk about RPGs (outside of the interviews)...
  2. D&D Podcast: Hey, I'm a D&D gamer at heart. My only wish is that they would come out more frequently (once a month is not enough!)...
  3. Fear the Boot: And Fear the Boot is my answer to the D&D Podcast because they have a release every single week. It's actually a toss up between them and All Games Considered but I can only take so much Changeling (just kidding Carol!).
Special Mention: Finding all those great RPG podcasts wouldn't have been possible without the guys at and Goblin: the Gaming Broadcasting Network. Made my job of aggregating content a whole lot easier.

Podcasts You Don't Know I Listen To:
  1. Astronomy Cast: It's a great edutainment podcast and worst comes to worse, they have transcripts! Honestly, it's a great podcast, it's fodder for fiction or game ideas, and the worst-case scenario is that you can always listen to their Astronomy in Science Fiction episode.
  2. Gaming Steve: While Gaming Steve mostly tackles video games, he's a real gamer at heart and likes other kinds of games including board games and RPGs too. Best of all, he lives up to the tag-line of his show, "The Home of Intelligent Game Discussion".
  3. Science Fiction and Politics: Wow, I actually listened to lectures on politics! It's amazing how Courtney Brown relates science fiction books to modern times.
Special Mention: Two out the three podcasts I wouldn't have discovered if it weren't for SF Signal, an all-around great site for SF&F news.

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