Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Updates on Everything in General

Well, first thing's first, I'll be leaving for Subic tomorrow morning. For work. So I highly doubt it if I'll be online until Sunday. And because I'm there for work, there's also a chance that I won't get to attend Neil Gaiman's talk. Apparently the company's booths are really, really far from where the conference is being held so...

Second, one of my dedicated readers have been those following my RPG podcast updates. Again, I highly doubt it if I'll be able to compile it and post in on the message boards on Thursdays. Here's my concession: here's what I've come up so far. I expect the list to double by Thursday. The fact of the matter is, when I wake up on Thursday morning (or Wednesday evening in the US), that's when a lot of that week's podcasts suddenly get updated. Here's some last minute plugs: check out RPG Radio. It's a podcast that's nearly two months old and with two podcasts to its belt. I missed it two weeks ago but the second episode tackles Thieves World and has an interview with Robert Schwalb. Can I vouch for it? No. I'm currently downloading it. (Didn't notice the date.)

Lastly, be sure to drop by Fully Booked on Sunday, 3 pm. Aside from Neil Gaiman being there, it's a great opportunity to support budding speculative fiction authors and comic artists. Oh, and here's some advice: come early. Really, come early. The name Neil Gaiman tends to draw in huge crowds. So be there at around 11 am (that's when the bookstore opens).

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