Friday, November 23, 2007

Graphic/Fiction and Gaiman Updates

So I'm still here a the Ad Congress without Internet access (ignore how this post got uploaded).

I hear Ruey de Vera has a review of Expeditions but there's a copy being sold here at the Ad Congress. There's three fur versions: a comic version trade and hardcover (P600 and P900 respectivel although the former seems to have run out here and the latter is the only one being currently displayed), a hardcover (P800) and a softcover (P500) version of the fiction. Both feature a lovely cover by Leinil Yu and an introduction by Neil Gaiman.

Also, Neil gave his talk yesterday and hopefully once I fix the sound, I can upload it by next week along with a transcript (short of my mp3 player being stolen from me). =)

Walang Pahinga has some pics and coverage of various events at the Ad Congress including Neil Gaiman's talk.

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