Thursday, November 29, 2007

Read As Many Novels as You Can

JM McDermott is proposing that December be Read-As-Many-Novels-As-You-Can Month. Three novels a week! Well, now you know what to do with all that vacation time...


Merric said...

So what am I meant to do with the other 6 days of each week? ;)

No, I really do read that fast. I've been a bit busy with gaming and DVDs recently, but I can quite happily read a book a night, and get 8-10 books done on a weekend that I don't have anything else on.

Mind you, I've got to catch up on my reading... I'll do that this weekend, I think.


Dom Cimafranca said...

Try "Anna Karenina", "War and Peace", "Brothers Karamazov", "Crime and Punishment", "Moby Dick", and "Don Quixote." That's for week one.

Anton said...

Excellent choices, Dominique!