Sunday, November 25, 2007

Neil Gaiman Graphic/Fiction 2007 Recordings

The Q&A begins with Eric Mana's magic trick that incorporated Neil Gaiman's entrance. Forgive the baby's voice, that's Dean's daughter Sage. The Q&A ends with the previous year's winners.

Bonifacio Q&A (32:34, 15 MB)

Then there's the Awarding Ceremony in which Neil Gaiman and Jaime Daez names and awards the winners but at the end, Neil Gaiman gives his comments on the winners's works. Again, please ignore the voice of me and my companions.

Awarding Ceremony (13:58, 7 MB)

Here's a bonus: the fabled Wall of Sound (sounds like a Magic: The Gathering Card) minus the thousands of Filipinos at the Rockwell Tent. Neil gives some feedback on our enthusiasm.

Wall of Sound (0:52, 1 MB)


Anonymous said...

Hi Charles! I was wondering when the expiry of the downloads are, because the computer I'm using right now isn't really mine, but I want to listen to the files later on. Oh, and thanks for having such a comprehensive useful blog! :)

Charles said...

It should still be up 60 days after the last download. So that's easily January 2008 assuming no one else downloads it.