Friday, April 18, 2008

What Really Happens When You Enter A Black Hole?

The guys over at Universe Today have a sense of humor:

Fraser: Why do people think we might live in a black hole? That seems kind of crazy to me.

Pamela: It's a lot of science fiction. There's this idea in science fiction that you can fly into a black hole and emerge in a completely different part of our universe, in an alternate universe… and so from these fiction writings, the idea has gotten into the zeitgeist that you fly into a black hole and you fly into a different universe – which means a universe can be inside of a black hole.
The problem is real black holes just lead to death.

Fraser: I guess that's the question – it's like a frog asking if I hop into that blender, will it lead me to another universe?

Pamela: Exactly

Fraser: No, no it won't – a universe of pain.

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Nemonymous said...

A Black Hole needs an 'exit cone'. Hence CONE ZERO.
Tomorrow we find out...