Monday, April 14, 2008

Erotic Philippine Spec Fic

Banzai Cat told me to keep it a secret but Marguerite spilled the beans:
In the next week or so, FHM Philippines will release their first-ever erotica anthology in bookstores and rag stands throughout the metro. What makes this collection extra-tasty is that each writer was delegated a particular genre. A nifty sex story sampler, if you will. The round-up is as follows: Carljoe Javier for sci-fi, Karl de Mesa for horror, Anna Sanchez for mainstream erotica, Norman Wilwayco for transgressive fic in Filipino, me for transgressive fic in English, Joey Nacino for fantasy, and Lourd de Veyra and Ramil Digal Gulle for poetry. Go grab a copy, you sick fucks.

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tzaddi salazar said...

hey charles,

just wanted to thank you for mentioning our FHM antho in your blog. senxa na medyo natagalan kasi ngayong ko lang nakita `tong post mo.

thanx again for the free publicity and hope you enjoyed the erotica antho. all the best, dude.