Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Anyone Want These D&D Modules?

History here.

The short story is they're taking up space and I never really played OD&D (I'm a late bloomer).

Caveat is that I'm in the Philippines so shipping is expensive. If I can get rid of this in one simple shipment, that'd be great (people in the general vicinity can just agree to meet up some place).

And, uh, I'm giving these away for free? =)

Some of these are still in their shrink-wrap glory:
  • Secret of the Slavers Stockade (A2) (2 copies)
  • The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (C1)
  • Legacy of Blood (CM9)
  • Red Arrow, Black Shield (X10) (2 copies)
  • Slave Pits of the Undercity (A1) (2 copies)
  • Isle of the Ape (WG6) (2 copies)
  • Red Sonja Unconquered
  • Descent into the Depths of the Earth (D1-2)
  • The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (S4)
  • Vault of the Drow (D3)
  • Assault on th Aerie of the Slave Lords (A3)
  • Dwellers of the Forbidden City (I1)


Rob Rogers said...

Charles, I hope you get a local taker. Those are some really choice, fun modules, though. Just reading that list gave me some happy flashbacks to my teenage years. I didn't have much of a play group, but I had a party I ran through modules solitaire-style. They always found the best treasures, of course, but it was lots of fun.

Man, those are some good modules. You could probably do pretty well for yourself selling them on eBay.

Charles said...

Hi Rob!

Apparently in my LJ, artist and Texan Bret Jordan wanted to them so it going to him.

The eBay thing has been mentioned numerous times before but alas, I have no PayPal account (or credit card for that matter) and I don't want to handle the problems of shipping.

(The shop in question even had several dozen of the original D&D Expert set going for $2.50 each and somebody even offered to pay me $1,000 bonus to empty their stocks but, uh, I don't have that much space or have the logistic capabilities to do so.)