Friday, April 11, 2008

Philippine Bookstore Shelves: National Bookstore

I had this crazy idea to document the various publications available in local bookstores for my international readers but when I got around to doing it, pen and paper in hand, I realized I looked ridiculous and it would take me hours to accomplish such a task.

So I decided to simply take photos.

Here's the fantasy/science fiction bookshelf of National Bookstore Best-Sellers in Robinsons Galleria. Now National Bookstore is one of the oldest mainstream bookstores in the country (pre-dating World War II) and is easily the leading bookstore in the country. Their selection isn't as diverse as I'd want it to be but if your book is stocked in National Bookstore, you're virtually available in every part of the Philippines.

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National Bookstore Best-Sellers Robinsons Galleria

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this is the best spoof yet! cosplayers, check this out --