Friday, April 25, 2008

If You Don't Hear From Me...

...then I'm probably dead, severely injured, or it's the apocalypse. I only say these things because I do think that if I do get into an accident of some sort, no one is going to find out.

Anyway, I'm not going out of the country, but tomorrow is the company's annual rock concert where 37 bands are playing and we expect a crowd of around 30,000 people. Thankfully, in the eight years that we've been running the show, there have been no deaths. There was this one time however when there was a riot outside (the first instance when pirates counterfeited our tickets) and people were trying to break down the gates. Security, bouncers, and anyone else who could help were pushing on the gates, preventing the hinges from snapping. It was like watching a scene from movies, where battering rams collide with castle fortifications. Thankfully the gates held but if it did collapse, I'd be the next casualty from the stampede as I was literally a few feet away from the gate.

Will be working from around 10 am - 4 am tomorrow so the next time you'll hear from me is probably on Monday.

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