Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Avatar Book 3

Got this from Stark Raving Mad.

From TV Shows on DVD:

This morning Paramount Home Entertainment has announced the DVD release of Avatar: The Last Airbender - Book 3: Fire, Volume 1 on October 30th. The first single-disc release contains the first 5 episodes of the new season, with a running time of about two hours. Those episodes are reportedly to be titled "The Awakening," "The Headband," "The Painted Lady," "Sokka's Master," and "The Beach." In order to get this release out at that time, with that many eps, and assuming they are waiting until after the 2nd season DVD collection hits in the second week of September, then Nick will have to begin broadcasting in the third or fourth week of September. Cost of the B3,V1 disc is expected to be $16.99 SRP, similar to the previous individual DVDs in this series. Here's a look at the packaging. Oh, look! Fire! Wait, when did Ang grow hair?

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Anonymous said...

Is that really the cover art? I hope Aang didn't grow hair it looks ridiculous. Shave it off! Well I still want to see it.