Thursday, July 26, 2007

Top 10 Fictional Characters You Want to See Cosplayed

In line with the Literary Cosplay at the Manila International Book Fair, what's your top ten characters you want to see cosplayed? I have two qualifiers though, one is that they shouldn't have appeared on film or on TV (because if we did, the top lists would probably be filled with characters from yesteryear's blockbusters like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Chronicles of Narnia) and two, they should be visually distinctive. Here's my list (in no particular order):
  1. Elric of Melnibone ("Are you sure you're not a cloud giant with a sword?")
  2. Drizzt Do 'Urden ("So which dark elf are you?" "I am the dark elf, as my two scimitars will prove.")
  3. Raistlin Majere (your choice to pair him up with either the Caramon Majere action figure or Dalamar "What do magic-users wear beneath their clothes? Very little" the Dark)
  4. Polgara the Sorceress (complete with Harry Potter owl)
  5. Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser (yes, they're considered as one entity)
  6. Tyrion Lannister (Gregor Clegane might be an alternative)
  7. The Shrike (haven't read Dan Simmons though)
  8. Cthulhu (how can you not have Cthulhu? And Nyarlathotep is not a bishonen!)
  9. The Galactic Patrol (sorry, haven't read E. E. Doc Smith either)
  10. Harley Quin (a.k.a. Mr Quin)
P.S. I can just imagine the staff asking the cosplayers during registration: "Do you have a picture of your character?" "No, but I have this paragraph to describe him or her."


Anonymous said...

Any other females in your choices? I'm thinking of joining but I don't have much of an idea lol.

Charles said...

Not that there's a lack of strong female characters in fiction but rather a lack of distinctive (physically or aesthetically) females.

Here's off the top of my head distinctive female characters in fiction:

1) Grendel's mom
2) Red Sonja
3) Kitiara
4) Phedre
5) Any female dragon
6) The Weird sisters (from Hamlet)
7) Durga (Hindu mythology)
8) Psyche (as in Cupid and Psyche)
9) Medusa
10) A valkryie

There's really a couple of strong female characters in fiction but there's nothing distinctive in their appearance or looks: Morgan le Fay, Hazel Stone, the various Harpers of Pern, various Aes Sedai, etc. but you know, people might not know who you're cosplaying as.

Anonymous said...

A friend suggested I do Damia from Anne McAffrey's Rowan. I'll bring a stuffed 'Coonie' for prop lol. Not really sure though.
Would've liked to try your other suggestions but I'm not familiar with most and I don't think I can roleplay the others.