Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sneaking in Exercise

Me not being a gym guy, I always look for ways to slip in exercise anyway I can. For the past three years, there's the 30-minute walk between home and office as well as climbing 16 flights of stairs. Lately, I'm investigating how to put less stress on the back and the answer is less bending and more squatting.

I think people tend to bend a lot although it's not obvious until you pay close attention. I was brushing my teeth and that's me leaning forward too much. So the other day I try squatting while brushing my teeth. It's difficult but I'm getting some squats in. The same goes for taking a bath because the shower is broken and I bathe using a pail.

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Anonymous said...

keep bending while you still can! when you get old, you can't do that anymore. hehe.