Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Read-A-Book Meme

I so suck at memes. The last time I think I had what, three respondents? (I'm not viral!)

Anyway, over the years, there's been a couple of literacy ads. My only qualm with most of those ads is that they're a bit stale. You know, always having a child in the background or mentioning about reading helping our kids. These days, I think we need something more upbeat. And please, no more children! Reading isn't just for kids and besides, even adults benefit from getting brainwashed motivated by ads.

So what's the Read-A-Book Meme about? Develop a catchphrase and a description of the accompanying image for the would-be ad.

Here are a couple of examples:

Early for a meeting? Read a book.

There's a huge conference room and all but the final seat is vacant. A man in a power suit is seated there with his hands on the table and his fingers touching each other (think of it as Mr. Burns' evil gesture).

Still waiting in line? Read a book.

People are waiting in line, most likely a campus registrar. The line is oriented vertically and at the bottom is the model facing the reader with a bored expression.

Waiting for a download to finish? Read a book.

Female in a swivel chair staring sleepily at the monitor. See "Your mighty band of heroes..." link below and substitute the text.

If I had a peg for these ads, it'd be more like the following ads for Dungeons & Dragons, including the expressive faces of the models:

At least you'll know when the hot elf chick is a dude.

Your mighty band of heroes will never be defeated by a server crash.

So come up with your own ad ideas and tagline! And spread the word and hopefully you can comment here so I'll compile the results by next week. I'm counting on all three of you. =)

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