Wednesday, July 11, 2007

SF Question

I was just wondering: is there a SF story out there that's been written that has aliens whose species has more than two genders? And perhaps copulation involves something like a threesome or even a foursome?


Anonymous said...

Does Asimov's "The Gods Themselves" count for the first?

I'm not sure I know of anything remotely resembling the second.

Anonymous said...

Try The Left Hand of Darkness.

Anonymous said...

seconding the gods themselves, and i like the gender differences in the left hand of darkness: male, female, and neutral :P

le guin's a fisherman of the inland sea also tells of a social system that allows for multiple partnerships (morning and evening, day and night, etc), though the species is still human.

can't think of any other title right now, sorry. maybe later.

Charles said...

Will check The Gods Themselves. I've read Left Hand of Darkness and for me it's still two genders (involved in the reproduction) rather than three (it's more even acceptable for me that it's one gender and then it later switches to whatever is needed).

Anonymous said...

I second The Left Hand of Darkness being more of a one gender construct that adapted to whatever the situation called for. What I took away from the novel was that gender was viewed as a single continuous spectrum rather than two distinct states of being as constructed by an external society. It's true that to shift from male to female or female to male, you'd have to pass through a "neuter" state but that's more transitional than static.