Thursday, October 19, 2006

Gaming Blog

Some members of the informal group Cult of Tin (it's a private joke) last week told me to get a Vox account if it was just the new features of Blogger Beta that I was interested in. Signed up last week but it was only early this week that I received an invite (yes, I have several friends from livejournal who have spare invites to spread around but I didn't want to impose) so yes, I have another blog.

While I figure out how to use the various options of Vox, in the meantime it'll be used as a gaming blog. I have three posts already there and for the time being, it'll be centered mostly on Dungeons & Dragons but in the future who knows? L5R, GURPS, and other pen-and-paper RPGs are a possibility. I might even do a comprehensive guide to DotA or something.

In the meantime, D&D gamers visit. Those who aren't familiar with the game will get uncomfortable as I throw jargon after jargon. It's surprising though how bold and italic faces can make reading a whole lot easier.


Vernieda said...

Charles, you would not have imposed. Everyone on Vox has UNLIMITED invites.

Charles said...

Ah, but I plan to ask for unused web space from you, so I'm biding my time with Vern requests...