Sunday, October 01, 2006

Book Buying Habits

Lately, one pattern I've noticed about my spending habits is that I'd purchase a couple of books, only to end up reading just one or two books in that pile before my next shopping spree. So yes, the books-I-have-yet-to-read stretches to infinity, although the miser in me thinks of how much I'm buying books that I don't read.


Mar said...

hehe I know the feeling! same here. and yet i can't seem to stop buying books-mar

Anonymous said...

I saw this nice compilation of stories from which movies were adapted from (I think its called Adaptations, but I'm prolly wrong) and I sooo wanted to buy it kasi it has Memento Mori (from which the Christopher Nolan film was based, duh).

But I caught myself slapping my wrist since I've not gone on to actually finish any of the books that I've bought since summer.

- koi