Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Writing Journal: Unreality Bites #11

I'm planning to participate in Fully Booked's Graphic/Fiction Contest and this is a peek at my writing process.

The entry was actually submitted yesterday. So why this blog entry? Well, who said the process was over?

After printing out the manuscript and lugging it around for half the day, new ideas came flooding into my mind, phrases that would have made the story better. They say hindsight is 20/20 but unlike other crafts, in writing, you can actually go back in time and add in those post-writing ideas. It's what we call editing.

But as far as my official entry to the contest goes, it'll remain what I wrote it yesterday. It'll have to do and stand on its own. But during the time I'm waiting for the results, I can revise the manuscript and make it a better story. If the story wins, well and good. I'm sure the publishers will be open to revision. If it doesn't, well, no one else except the judges and the Fully Booked staff saw the document. If it gets published in the future, it's the final revision that they'll read.

What bothers me though was that I forgot to use something as inane as the spell checker. Watch out for typos!

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