Friday, October 26, 2007

Weirdest Blog Moment Yet

So far, my weirdest blog phenomenon has to be The Lit Critters and Philippine Genre Stories. I had less than 200 visitors that day on my blog yet according to zshare, there were nearly 300 downloads of the recording. The even weirder part is that in the past, I've been advertising in the Lit Crit mailing list whenever I uploaded a recording of a session yet they've never really broken the three digit barrier. This time though, I didn't advertise it in the mailing list. The most I did was email those present in that particular session. So why the sudden interest in a 3-hour session? There's a part of me that's theorizing that it's because the file is so huge that people failed to finish downloading the file that they have to restart again. It's either that or both Elyss and Miggy have lots of fans! (No, it's not me because I'd think people will drop by my blog more than actually wait for a 70+ MB file to finish downloading and hear me speak--because I sound nasally awful, a male Fran Drescher).


Zarah Grace C. Gagatiga said...

i linked it in my blog, charles. and i have tons of fans! bwahahaha!

elyss said...

Grabeh Zarah! Winner ang comment moh! Wahahahahaha!

Susunod, dapat story mo ang i-litcrit! Magbrebreakdown ang server nyan!