Friday, October 26, 2007

Format Change

I find it strange that once upon a time, I hated doing homework. No, I don't have homework from my day job (most of the time). But updating this blog is homework. Remember those 500-1000 word essays your teacher assigns you? Or those reflection/reaction/research papers and outlines? The only difference it seems is that no one's out there to grade me. I can give myself an A+ for effort.

Anyway, moving back on topic, I'm thinking of doing a format change soon (you know, my Mon - Fri blogging schedule), mainly because there's some other things I want to write about and there are some things I've running out of ideas on. I'm about to run out of Filipino slangs (every Tuesday) to cover for example and I have no more library essays in the can (I write them on Sunday, a day before publishing on Monday). I'll definitely be keeping the Fiction/Writing and Tabletop RPG Podcast round-up every Thursday but aside from that, what else interests you or what would you like to read about? Here's some ideas I have in mind but feel free to suggest anything else that might interest you:
  • Book/Magazine Reviews
  • Comic/Manga Reviews
  • Essays (-insert specific topic here-)


Zarah C. Gagatiga said...

what?! no more library essays? i like reading your esays on libraries...

Charles said...

I need more library experience. =)