Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Links

Here's the various news tidbits I've managed to find in my spare time:
  • Bokardo talks about book reviews and the value we attach to them (and in this case, the phenomenon of Harriet Klausner who averages seven book reviews a day for Amazon). You also might want to read Self Publishing's take on the impact of book reviews.
  • Publishing 2.0 talks about faking the numbers on RSS feeds (last I checked I have 14 RSS subscribers, and 4 of those just appeared over the past two weeks; I suspect most of my RSS subscribers aren't really interested in my writing but more for my podcast round-up every Thursday--which isn't a bad thing by the way).
  • The National Library of Australia admits that most of their cultural expression is in the form of digital media. (From
  • Guardian Unlimited has a column on print-on-demand. (And to echo Jay Lake, print-on-demand is not necessarily vanity publishing. Not that there's anything wrong with the latter.)
  • Pat's Fantasy Hotlist has an interview with Katherine Kurtz.
  • Top 10 Tips for Plagiarists. (From Pat's Fantasy Hotlist)
  • Another column from Guardian Unlimited that while it's pleasant that you like an author's work, they appreciate it more if you buy the actual book.
  • Ever heard the statement Who Watches the Watchmen? Well, its modernized version is Who Wikis Wikipedia (okay, that didn't sound right...). You know, like Apple editing the Microsoft entry and vice versa. It's Amazon taking down its anonymous screening all over again. (From Vertical Weblog)
  • Top 10 Bizarre Mental Disorders. It's no bangungot but I'll take what I can get. (From Vertical Weblog)
  • The Library of Congress has some interesting videos to promote literacy (scroll down), at least better than the norm. (From SF Signal)

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