Friday, July 06, 2007

Neil Gaiman at the 20th Philippine Ad Congress

From Budjette (email)

International Luminaries Headline the Congress

The tentative roster of speakers alone is enough reason to flock Subic for the 20th PAC. Tony Wright, chairman of Lowe Worldwide, is discussing “Strategic Planning in the New Order, Keeping Pace with the Changing Norms of Universal Archetypes.” Linda Locke, chairman of Leo Burnett Singapore, shares her thoughts on “How to Engage Consumers Beyond Traditional Media in the Asian Context.” Acclaimed author of various science fiction and fantasy works in graphic novels, Neil Gaiman visits the country again but this time to expound on “Imagination and Creativity in the Contemporary World.” CEO and president of Universal McCann Nick Brien complements the theme with his topic “Breaking Barriers in the New Media Landscape” with case studies such as Lynx “Flygirls” and Axe “Gamekillers” Campaign International. High-profile speakers sharing global views on important issues basically mean getting your money’s worth and time well spent.

You can read more about the Philippine Ad Congress at Adobo Magazine.


Unknown said...

I followed the link to Adobo Magazine online, then went to the Ad Congress site just to see how much it would cost to attend. To say I got heart palpitations when I saw that non-members could attend is an understatement.

To say I got more palpitations when I read how much it would cost to attend was another understatment - of major proportions. ::huge grin::

Wish I could go if Neil does show up, for sure.

Charles said...

Normally your company pays for it. =) You still have a few months to look for a company that needs advertising executives!

Unknown said...


If you're that interested to attend because of Neil Gaiman, you may want to attend the Book Event on Nov. 24, 2007. Ticket at 1,500 comes with an autographed Beowulf Book Script, first 100 to register on-site get to have another personal book signed by him. The event is composed of a book reading, an interactive portion, and the book signing (might not necessarily be in that order). You can also opt to attend the day he speaks at the conference which is on Nov. 22. Day Pass at 2,500 (entry to all sessions on that day, no meals included). If you wish to know more details please feel free to call me at 751.8152.