Friday, July 20, 2007

The Year's Best Philippine Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror?

Dean has an important update on Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 3 (Congrats Nikki! Why wasn't this sooner?) but more important (for me... because I'm sure Bhex wants to come out with that Filipino anthology) is the topic of coming out with something like The Year's Best Philippine Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror anthology. It tickles my fancy. So here are two questions I want to ask:

  1. For 2007, what are the relevant books/publications/magazines to go through for such material. And I'm seriously asking because I'm not as widely read as I'd want to be, especially when it comes to local fiction. Off the top of my head I have The Digest of Philippine Genre Stories, Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 3, PsiCom's Pinoy Amazing Adventures and PsiCom's True Philippine Ghost Stories. Where else can we draw material from in the event of someone compiling such an anthology? What specific issues of Story Philippines or The Philippine Free Press should we check out? Any other notable publications/magazines?
  2. Who should be the editors? Should we have one for each genre, one for each language (Filipino and English), or a combination of both (a whopping 6 editors???). I'm also open to other options such as having a panel of judges and the like.
And I'm asking these two questions because I'm entertaining the possibility of making this a reality, at least for 2007 (perhaps we'll push for a 2008 publication date so that everything that's published in 2007 has a chance to be included). So spread the word, leave comments, etc. as I check the feasibility of such a project.

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