Sunday, July 22, 2007

Too Many Posts?

In the past two months, I've simply been blogging way too much. I call it a fluke--my more "regular" blogging schedule is like posting an entry or two every week, not multiple entries in a single day for several weeks. I attribute this to several reasons:
  1. New Blogger. I love the new Blogger. It makes things more simple and intuitive. I mean I know how to code, Blogger just makes it easier for me so that I don't have to. In my old blog, I wasn't even using quotes or bullet lists and the like (or even hyperlinks). If I'm blogging more often, it's thanks to the new-and-improved Blogger.
  2. Stable Internet connection. For a good half of the year, I've been bitching about PLDT's DSL service and how I don't have a good connection for half of the day. In the past two months, that's changed. In fact, Internet downtime only lasts around an hour and doesn't happen every day (but since I'm not always online as I have to go to work and I just leave my computer on to download 30 GB's of Saint Seiya, I wouldn't really know if my connection dies out in between those times). These days I can confidently wake up in the morning at 6 am and blog. (It's surprising that we complain when there's something wrong but rarely praise them when every thing is working fine.)
  3. New writing habit. I'm determined to come up with a new short story come August, so here I am exercising my writing muscles. It's a personal regiment, waking up early in the morning just to write, even if it's not necessarily a short story. But it also makes sure that I get to write something every day so those muscles don't atrophy.
So having said all that, should I blog less? At the rate I'm going, I'm sure I'm overwhelming some people with all my posts.

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