Monday, July 23, 2007

The Bibliophile Question

It's so simple I don't know why I never thought of it before.

So when you enter the library or a bookstore, which section do you gravitate to? Or if the library/bookstore is too small or you have too much time in the world, which section do you prioritize?

Personally, whenever I go to a bookstore, my first stop is either the science-fiction/fantasy section or the comics section. And then perhaps the fiction section. Occasionally, I'd drop by the children's section/young adult. The magazine rack is also a place I pass by but don't dwell upon.


Anonymous said...

Definitely the science fiction section. I also troll the fiction and computer sections as well if there's any time left thumbing through the all the sf books I want but will never get a chance to read. :)

A said...

The science fiction section, first - pore over what's new, maybe get a little irked over fantasy being grouped in the same rack :D
Then the non fiction ones - history/sociology/science - not that I buy/read much of it - but just browsing through.

banzai cat said...

Funny enough, I go to the new section first. Usually there are one or two books available there you won't find in the SFF section. THEN I go to the SFF. Last, I trawl the fiction section-- but since this is usually one of the larger parts of the bookstore, I only do this if I have time.

And it's still bookstores for me, rather than libraries. It's the act of owning a book that's part and parcel of being a bibliophile for me. :-D

Here's a question for you though: can you do your usual search in a bookstore (or library) with someone else?

Anonymous said...

like banzai_cat, i check out the 'new' section first, then the fiction.