Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Public Library

One thing I hope to "establish" one day is a public library (although you can probably only read the books there and not take it home). There's only one thing standing in my way and it's not the books themselves--it's the space. Rent is expensive and a charity case simply can't pay the rent (unless someone is willing to shoulder the rent or donate a condo or something). So as much as I'm slowly amassing a private library at home, most likely the only ones who'll end up borrowing it are close friends and associates (because no one else knows it's there!).

On a side note, I'm hoping to set up a manga cafe one day (one with English translations!) and I'm surprisingly amassing a store of US published manga:

  • Death Note Vol. 1 - 12
  • Monster Vol. 1-9
  • Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Vol. 1 - 2
  • MPD Psycho Vol. 1
  • Scary Book Vol. 1 and 3
  • Museum of Terror Vol. 1 - 3
  • Buddha Vol. 1 - 8
  • Eyeshield 21 Vol. 1 - 14
  • The Drifting Classroom Vol. 1 - 6
  • Beck Mongolian Chop Squad Vol. 1 - 2 (dropped the series, too slow for me)

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