Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Reading More or Reading Less?

SF Signal has the results of a poll asking the question whether you were reading more or less than you did 10 years ago. Me being in my mid-20's, ten years ago was easily grade school. Two comments are also quoted in that blog entry, stating that they were reading more when they were still studying as work and new options (fan fiction, blogs) get in the way.

To me, I think that's the relevant question. Not necessarily where you reading more or reading less compared to x amount of years, but whether you were reading more or reading less compared to when you were still in school.

Personally, I was reading less books. Did I have more time back then? Subjectively, yes (reading is about setting time for it after all). But then again, I was less interested in them. As children, we might have more time to read books but for me, it's only as an adult did I begin to appreciate books. And while I could spend most of my life reading children's books, lacking certain life experiences (be it romance, war, politics, higher sciences/math, etc.) also limits my understanding of several topics that a book or novel might tackle.

I've also said it a lot of times before, I'm a late bloomer. While I was reading some books in grade school, I wasn't reading a lot of them. I started building my library in high school (1996) and look, it's eleven years later and I have hundreds of books at home! (Sadly, I haven't read all of them.)

So, what are your experiences?

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Anonymous said...

i read more when i was in school. even with all the exams and projects, parang mas marami pa ring time para magbasa. which is unfortunate, kasi wala akong pera noon kaya piling pili ang mga pwede kong bilhin na books. now that i have enough funds for books, i don't have time to read. :(