Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Teens Read, Too!

From Budj

Copied from the Adarna House News:
The success of the previous years’ Teens Read, Too! (TR2) showed that the interest of teenagers in the written word is far from dead. And, the proponents of this literature campaign for young adults are back, with more support from institutions who believe that reading should be promoted among teens, that young writers and readers deserve attention, and that the young adult genre could be where the great literature of the future begins.

This year, the campaign kicks off with live band performances for the official campaign launch at the Filipinas Heritage Library. Different high schools will take part in a number of events geared toward a better appreciation of literature and a more active participation in literature production.

The Barlaya Workshop for Young Adult Literature will provide a venue for promising writers to share their creative pieces with experienced authors of the genre.

Another component of TR2 is the 20-Book Challenge. This event, where teen readers will be pitted against one another, is more than just a quiz bee as it addresses the need to highlight the availability of youth-oriented reading materials by Filipino authors in the market.

Having been witness to the power of competitions in sparking spirited interest, TR2 re-launches the Interschool Best Reading Campaign Contest, where participating high schools compete in the search for the most effective and most original reading campaign.

The Make-Your-Own Barkada Zine Contest aims to encourage teens to explore their creative and literary limits through zines, which can tackle topics ranging from education, reading habits, family issues, social concerns, and even politics.

Interested teens will have the chance to share their thoughts on reading and literature with the Teen Website which aims to provide a virtual, communal spot for teens all over the country.

Teens Read, Too! is a joint effort of Adarna House, Filipinas Heritage Library, National Book Development Board, Fudge Magazine, Powerbooks, and Junior Bright. All six proponents believe that teenagers who don’t read simply haven’t discovered the refreshing world of insight that lies beyond the shelves of their school textbooks.

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