Sunday, July 22, 2007

Free eBook for Overseas People in Iraq

Author John Scalzi is making his novel The Android's Dream free for service people in Iraq (via eBook). While not applicable to most (if not all since as far as I know, all three of you aren't in the army) of my readers, it's a nice concept on how to provide free books (free books that come with certain conditions).
With permission from Tor, I am making an electronic version of The Android's Dream available to US servicefolks serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and other points overseas. This e-book version is an .rtf version of the text (about 900kb) I turned into Tor (i.e., a few copyedit flubs here and there) which is easily modifiable for whatever thing folks in the field have to look at text through. This e-book version is free to them, and given with thanks for their service.

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