Thursday, June 12, 2008

My D&D 4E Books Are Here!

Bad News: My local gaming store doesn't carry the latest 4E Dungeons & Dragons books (or the latest 3.5 books either for that matter).

Good News: The 4E Dungeons & Dragons books just arrived at my local comic store.

For the past few weeks, I've been passing by Comic Quest every Thursday (they get their stocks every Wednesday evening but fate has not been kind as ever since Memorial Day, their stocks have been arriving a day or two late--this isn't limited to just that particular comic shop) hoping to catch Keep on the Shadowfell. Today, I passed by and disposed of half of my monthly income. It was a windfall as not only was Keep on the Shadowfell there but so were the 4E Boxed Set and some dice. Here's the breakdown:

Keep on the Shadowfell: P1,500 or $35.00
Dungeons & Dragon Dice: P600 or $14.00
Player's Handbook: P1,500 or $35.00
Boxed Set: P4,000 or $93.00

I only bought Keep on the Shadowfell and the Boxed Set. I'm still deliberating whether to buy the dice mainly because the local gaming store only sells d6's (Warhammer!) and d20s (Magic: The Gathering life tracker? D&D Miniatures?).

Now I'm broke. But I have a game on Saturday, so...

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