Monday, June 09, 2008

Dyslexia Query

I was googling "dyslexia" and "writers" and I stumbled upon this article. There are a couple of statements that bothered me but the one that made me wonder was this paragraph near the end:
Another problem the Dyslexic writer has that some agents won’t deal with dyslexic or reading impaired writers. They often feel that they are not up to snuff or because of the editing needed, and the immense errors. To them its too much trouble and many dyslexic writers are forced to go to the self-publishing methods. And often take months doing editing. Not all grammar check and spell check software can compensate for technical reference or specifics. And sometimes grammar check just sounds so wrong when it makes corrections.
Should agents and editors make allowances for dyslexic authors, at least when it comes to spelling and grammar?

I mean yes, writing is certainly a bigger hurdle to overcome for dyslexic writers, but various people find ways to cope and submit a "clean" manuscript nonetheless. There's this article for example on how someone suffering from dyslexia manages. In an interview at The Fix, Sam Henderson turns her dyslexia around and uses it to fuel her creative side.

So, in your opinion, should the publishing industry make allowances for dyslexic writers?

Edit: To authors suffering from dyslexia, do you submit "unpolished" manuscripts?

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Dominique said...

The proper question is: should the reader make allowances for a dyslexic writer? And I believe the answer is no. For literary works, the piece should speak for itself. The author's circumstances are immaterial.

The editor -- the publication editor, to be specific -- is the gatekeeper and surrogate for the reader.

Dyslexic writers should probably pick a cue or two from Sam Henderson.