Monday, March 31, 2008

Plug: Devil's Cape by Rob Rogers

I'm plugging buddy Rob Rogers and his debut novel, Devil's Cape, which will be released tomorrow, April 1.

Here's a blurb from Greg Rucka:
"There is NO WAY that this is Rob Rogers's first novel. This is a novel replete with the rewards of a lifetime of training, effort, and passion. Devil's Cape is a mesmerizing, seductive, and darkly moving piece of fiction that seamlessly, even gracefully, marries tactile reality with myth and magic to bring its own pulsating world to life. Beyond expectations, full of surprises, singing with resonance and emotion, Rogers has written a novel that first stabs the superhero genre in the back, then flips the body over and shocks it back to exhilarating life. What arises from this crime scene is a post-modern delight. Take the tour of Devil's Cape--I guarantee you¹re going to like it here!"
Here's the link to a sample chapter (|Zip| |PDF|)

Available at: Powerbooks

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