Friday, March 07, 2008

Expeditions TOC (2007)

Expeditions: The Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards Vol. 1 edited by Rhea Llamas, Natalia Diaz, Vivian Chuaseco, Erwin Romulo, and Ramon de Veyra
  • The God Equation by Michael A.R. Co
  • A Strange Map of Time by Ian Casocot
  • The Great Philippine Space Mission by Philbert Ortiz Dy
  • Atha by Michaela Atienza
  • The Omega Project by Kim Marquez
  • Monstrous Star by Cecilia Estrada
  • Stella for Star by Yvette Natalie Tan
  • Divesting Doloris: In the Antechamber of the Heart by Ma. Ana Micaela G. Chua
  • Marty by Wincy Ong

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