Monday, March 03, 2008

A Different Voice TOC (2007)

Much like Story Philippines, I still have to go through the book and identify which are speculative fiction stories and which aren't.

A Different Voice: Fiction by Young Filipino Writers Philippine PEN Fiction Anthology 2007 edited by Vicente Garcia Groyon

  • Burgundy by Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo
  • A Reply to A Query by Douglas Candano
  • The Last Days of Magic by Ian Rosales Casocot
  • Nostos by U.Z. Eliserios
  • Boy in the Platinum Palace by Maria L. M. Fres-Felix
  • The Dues to the Unbound by Pocholo Goitia
  • Out of This World by Ava Vivian Gonzales
  • The Master of the Fragfest by Carljoe Javier
  • A Ghost Story by Francezca C. Kwe
  • Flames by Angelo R. Lacuesta
  • Hunger by Gabriella Lee
  • His Brother's Keeper by Paolo Enrico S. Melendez
  • The Housemaid by Timothy Montes
  • Train by Lourdes Parawan
  • A Death in the Opposite House by Bj A. Patino
  • Hang Ups by Francis Paolo M. Quina
  • Inventories by Anna Felicia C. Sanchez
  • Going Guinness by Jonathan Jimena Siason
  • Sisters by Lakambini A. Sitoy
  • Radio Days by Joshua L. Lim So

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banzai cat said...

A Reply to a query, Douglas Candano (horror)
The Last Days of Magic, Ian Rosales Casocot (fantasy)
The Dues to the Unbound,Pocholo Goitia (SF)
A Ghost Story, Francezca Kwe (horror)
Hunger, Gabriella Lee (horror)

with geek references in:

Out of This World, Ava Vivian Gonzales (aliens)
The Master of the Fragfest, Carljoe Javier (video games)
Train, Lourdes Parawan (Neil Gaiman)