Thursday, August 16, 2007

Spot the D&D Geek!

Owen Stephens has an interesting anecdote on the countdown to GenCon:
I have often observed that gamers seem to come in about 12 models, with individuals no more than variations on those Zodiacal themes. I had not realized how easily we can identify one another on our annual Hajira. In Chicago, I was outed by no less than six people at a single Gate, and found myself able to pick others out of the crowd as well.

Books are a good clue. T-shirts are more common, but books are more sure. If you’re waiting for a connecting flight to Indianapolis on (sm)Ash Wednesday, and you spot a man reading Jordan, Martin or Zelazny, you have found a gamer. Others are common as well, such as Stirling, Brooks, and Stackpole. And of course an Eberron or Mechwarrior book is a dead giveaway.

Clive Cussler is not a secret sign of our order. Don’t be fooled.
What can I say, you can identify people by the books they read! In the meantime, I paid a visit to the Wizards of the Coast website today but failed to realize the implications. I guess I'm a 4th Ed. skeptic (it's not that I don't think 4th Ed will arrive, but rather like death: you don't expect he's gunning for you today).

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