Friday, August 10, 2007

Alternatives to Adobe Reader

Perhaps in real life, I'm more sci-fi than fantasy. I keep up with modern technology. While people have been complaining about reading stuff on the computer, I embrace the possibility. Of course like all things, you need a good interface. I mean I won't be reading an eBook on notepad.exe anytime soon, but if it's presented in a clear manner, I'll go for it.

One of the more popular formats has been PDFs. And I think PDFs have made a big impact in the industry. It lets other people view your documents, whether it's full of images or just plain text. (On the side of the printer, it also lets them print documents without owning the software that created those layouts.)

When I'm using a Mac (running OS X), a handy program is Preview. It not only lets me view photos but it also lets me view PDFs. It's a great program without the clunkiness of Adobe Reader. But what about the rest who're running Windows? BNet has an article that mentions at least three other alternatives to Adobe Reader.

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