Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Speed Reading

I was always curious on how to speed read and what those kinds of books contained. Unfortunately, I never really found or bought such a book. Anyway, Paul Edwards has an essay on How to Read A Book (Strategies for Getting the Most out of Non-Fiction Reading):
1) Read the whole book

In reading to learn, your goal should always be to get all the way through the assignment. It’s much more important to have a general grasp of the arguments or hypotheses, evidence, and
conclusions than to understand every detail. In fact, no matter how carefully you read, you
won’t remember most of the details anyway.

What you can do is remember and record the main points. And if you remember those, you know
enough to find the material again if you ever do need to recall the details.

1 comment:

Merric said...

I speed read naturally. 150-200 pages an hour in general. :)