Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Comics and Murder!

I saw this news item at Newsarama and apparently, a comic store owner is accused of murder. It interests me because I start to think, not whether he's guilty or not, but what kind of evidence (if any) has been discovered that opens up a 17-year old case. And what's strange about the case is how this particular murder was committed (execution-style). Perhaps not as bizarre as the Chris Benoit murders (a conspiracy?) but it's one if they are indeed guilty, makes you wonder what the motivations were. (Murders here, on the other hand, might sound unbelievable but there's some sense in the killings even if it's something simple like road rage.)

And yes, there are two (if not more) stories to every event, and I can conceivably come up with a story where mild-mannered comic store owner is guilty, or mild-mannered comic store owner is innocent.

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