Friday, August 15, 2008

Summoning Djinn

I just read this blog entry by Ted Kosmatka and my imagination spurred on how Google Alerts has changed the Internet. It is very possible to summon anyone, especially authors, simply by including their name in a blog entry. Google will do the rest. (There's no guarantee that they'll respond though.) Come to think of it, that's how I managed to score interviews with some authors... (I summon thee, J. M. McDermott! Oh wise John Grant, heed my call.)

And then the idea progressed further at how this can be used for spying applications. Secret codewords such as "Prestantra" might be included in a seemingly-random blog entry only to be picked up by a spy network somewhere, using ciphers to decode the actual contents of the blog.


Anonymous said...

J.M. McDermott has been hanging out over at my blog all week - check out the "essential literary fantasy" post to read some of his very insightful posts. Neat guy.

Charles said...

Hi Matt!

I've been dropping by your blog too (although obviously not commenting on each and every entry) and I did notice McDermott's presence. =) Lots of people commenting on your blog!