Monday, August 25, 2008

Some Anecdotes

Fiction Anecdotes

My father isn't much of a reader so he tends to take things too literally. (Sarcasm and rhetoric for example are lost on him.) For example, my godparents bought me some books from a few years ago and one of the books I had them buy was Kelly Link's Magic for Beginners. When my dad saw the books arrive, he asked me if I was interested in doing magic...

(I just wonder what'll happen if they saw me reading Graham Joyce's How to Make Friends with Demons. Thankfully the church's pastor is more understanding...)

Gaming Anecdotes

I'm currently the GM of a 4E D&D game and last Saturday, I finally got to sick a Mindflayer (octopi enough for you?) on them and I managed to Dominate (mind control) the Elf Ranger. On his turn, I decided that he should throw one of his swords at the nearest player. Said Elf Ranger was wielding two weapons so he asked me which one he should throw. I decided that it was apt that his Berserker sword was the one hurled and lo and behold, when the player rolled his dice, it was a critical hit!

Now Elves in 4E have this racial ability to re-roll their attack rolls. While the other players were recovering from the laughter at their own hijinx, the Elf Ranger asked me if he could now use this particular ability. I prayed to the Elder Gods that they would look kindly on my newly dominated thrall and said yes. So the Elf Ranger re-rolls his attack with a +2 bonus and well, the dice lands another 20.

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