Monday, February 11, 2008

Today's Dose of Modern Science Fiction

I just came from a pre-press orientation and interview with Jeff Kelley, founder of Sanuk Sandals. One of the nifty products he demoed was Power/Balance, a hologram that strengthens one's, uh, power and balance (this is incorporated into some of their shoes and sandals). Here's the description of the technology from the Power/Balance website:
Subtle frequencies (bio data) are programmed into holographic media. These frequencies resonate with the body's red blood cells believed to amplify and increases the efficiency of electronic, chemical, and organic systems.

The human body is a bio-electrical system, "Bio-field". The bio-electrical energy is created by cells in varying frequencies through muscular actions and can be altered, strengthened, and balanced when influenced by POWER / BALANCE™. This occurs through the quality of resonance.

Physics teaches that life is composed of atoms which contain protons and electrons. These are electrically and magnetically charged particles of energy. They are in constant motion -- at times more so than others, making their movements audible.

POWER / BALANCE™ can be understood by imagining how the tuning fork works resonating a specific vibration at a constant pitch. Similarly, POWER / BALANCE™ resonates multiple frequencies "bio-data" with the body's Bio-field, forcing the Bio-field into vibrational motion - at its natural frequency to enhance cell-to-cell communications.
So what does that all mean? Well, in this case, Jeff Kelley distributed a card with the said hologram to the staff. He made a volunteer balance himself on one foot with arms outstretched and then attempted to tip the guy over via the volunteer's outstretched arms. No surprise in the results. Now he inserted the card into the guy's pocket and repeated the demonstration. It was noticeably and significantly more difficult to tip the guy over.

When I got back to the office, I tested the trick with my officemates. They didn't know what was supposed to happen. They had stronger balance thanks to a hologram and nanotechnology. Reading this, I won't blame you if you're skeptical. Hell, if I didn't see it for myself (and replicating the entire experience myself), I wouldn't believe it too!

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