Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year and Some Plugs

Celebrated Chinese New Year last night but it was strange walking home as everyone had ashes on their forehead (we're a predominantly Catholic country after all--at least in Metro Manila). Happy New Year to everyone!

Also, I'd like to plug some books from authors I've interviewed. Well, I'll make an exception for the first. Richard Dansky's Firefly Rain has been out for several weeks now and is a touching ghost story. Tune in next Tuesday for my interview with him.

Next up is J.M. McDermott's Last Dragon. There's been some noise on his book lately and it's a good read. The book just came out last Tuesday and it's a refreshing take at traditional fantasy. (Oh, and if you're enjoying the Tuesday interviews, the credit all goes to him.)

Last but not least is A. Lee Martinez's The Automatic Detective which also came out last Tuesday. Do check the book out when you can.

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banzai cat said...

Can't wait for their books to show up on these shores...