Friday, February 01, 2008

January 2008

It's officially February but there's apparently some big changes that happened to me and this blog in the course of just one month. What surprised me was that I managed to read fifteen books in one month--an all time high--yet something I doubt I can maintain in the next few months. Next week is Chinese New Year so advanced Happy Chinese New Year to everyone and may you have the best of luck.

Anyway, below is a list of tasks I set out to do in January. I set my alarm clock at 4 am so that I can wake up at 5 am to do all these stuff. Some tasks were more successful than others.
  1. Read and write manga reviews for Comics Village.
  2. Read and write book reviews for books people actually sent me. And when that doesn't happen (somebody send me books!), go out to the various bookstores to look for books.
  3. Scout material for SFF Audio.
  4. Scout material for my own weekly podcast listing (thankfully, this sometimes overlaps with #3).
  5. Working on a revised edition my primer on tabletop RPG podcasts (yes, a few weeks after posting it online, I'm already thinking of writing a better, more comprehensive, and newbie friendly article) to be released a few months from now. You can see a preview of it here and any feedback (to correct me for example) is welcome. (Anyone wanna help me write it? I started it a few weeks ago and didn't manage to get back to it.)
  6. Writing some stock feature articles and essays for blog.
  7. Actually get some fiction writing done. (Sadly, no real output of this in January so I'll probably have to cut back on the rest for February and concentrate on my fiction writing.)

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Jesse said...

And I'm sure glad you're doing #3 Charles. :)