Monday, June 18, 2007

Fete dela Musique 2007

Back in April, I mentioned that we'd be handling a big music event aside from the Pulp Summer Slam. Well, here's one of 'em: Fete dela Musique on June 23, 2007 at Malate, Manila.

There'll be four stages. The Universal Stage will be at Rajah Sulayman, Rock Stage at Remedios Circle, Hip-Hop/R&B/Soul at Nakpil St. corner Adriatico St., and World Music at Nakpil St. cor. Ma. Orosa St.


Unknown said...

Uy. Coolness! I wanna go :D

Charles said...

Go! With JM! It's free. =)

Unknown said...

Hi Charles,

Can I shoot some of your events? Probably with an all-access pass?



Charles said...

Unfortunately I'm not the boss so I don't determine who gets to shoot what.