Friday, February 13, 2009

TABOAN: Philippine International Writers Festival 2009 Day 3 Recordings

I was fatigued by the Fictional Showdown talk today so I missed the 4 pm slots but anyway, it was reported that the Taboan is supposed to have a website up soon which includes photos as well as recordings (and hopefully they're better quality than mine).

As usual, it was great running into people both familiar and new.


Hosts: Angelo R. Lacuesta, Festival Coordinator; Joel Toledo, Festival Assistant Coordinator


Web-based publishing, traditional print publishing, and print-on-demand: the meaning of publication has multiplied so much these days. Has the meaning of quality, or rigor, or intent changed as well? How has this affected today’s writer? Has he (or must he) achieve convergence, or should there be dividing lines?

Panelists: Adam David, Jean Claire Dy, Edgar Samar
Moderator: Dean Francis Alfar


A plenary discussion over lunch featuring Asian and Filipino writers who have gone “global.” Our international panelists will discuss the challenges and rewards of writing in their local language and still achieving international recognition and popularity. The panel will also discuss practical tips on international grants, fellowships and exchange programs.

Panelists: Nguyan Bao Chan, Conchitina Cruz, Dinah Roma-Sianturi, Prabda Yoon
Moderator: Angelo R. Lacuesta


This is a friendly showdown between the realms speculative fiction and “non-speculative” fiction—its advocates, practitioners and its subject matter. Also up for discussion: attempted definitions, blurred boundaries and common goals.

Panelists: Dean Francis Alfar, Adam David, Jonathan J. Siason, Alvin B. Yapan
Moderator: Ian Casocot

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting this. I was there for the fictional showdown. When I arrived they were discussing sci-fi and political commentary, so I really missed the introductions and whatnot.