Friday, October 17, 2008

Pre-Book Pilgrimage Pimping

I'm planning to do my "book pilgrimage" tomorrow but I did an early one this evening at the nearby Fully Booked (pssst, they should start sponsoring this blog). One thing I remembered about the gratification of blogging is that I have interests that I can share with people who understand me (instead of calling up friends who have no interest in books and immediately ending the conversation).

Anyway, I was keeping an eye out for The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror (I have mine ordered at another bookstore but I could always use the extra copies...) and failed to find a copy (that's what tomorrow's pilgrimage is supposed to do). Instead, I came home with these books (sorry but my camera phone ran out of batteries):

Heaven's Bones by Samantha Henderson

Well, I didn't really "come home" with it. I ordered it two months ago and my copy arrived last week (I'm currently 1/6th into the book). But I'm genuinely surprised to find it at a local bookstore so yay Sam!

Changeling by Delia Sherman

I honestly don't know what to expect although I really loved her story "The Fiddler of Bayou Teche" in The Coyote Road.

The Search for the Red Dragon by James A. Owen

Well, here's the deal. I saw several copies (enough to fill a table so it's not one of those "token" books in a bookstore) a few months back but I didn't buy one back then. For the past two months, I was looking for a copy but couldn't find one. The bookstore probably restocked because of...

The Indigo King by James A. Owen

Well, the Philippines is ahead of schedule in terms of release date... (but you can also order it now at Amazon)

Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link

It's here! Be sure to check the children's section of the bookstore.

On a side note, random people entering the bookstore were inquiring about the Twilight book (with the movie covers).

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