Friday, October 03, 2008

Podcast Focus: Virtual Play

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Description: As far as tabletop RPG podcasts go, I've gone on record to say that I don't really listen to actual play recordings. Well, the past few months, that's not quite true. Aside from the Penny Arcade/PVP D&D recordings, the other actual play I actually listen to is Virtual Play. Mel White talks about his experiences with various games and plays excerpts of the relevant scenes to illustrate his point (entire games are also available in the archive). What you end up is a convenient and well-edited show. Their latest show features a D&D 4E variant where Skill Challanges rise to the forefront (instead of regular combat).


Anonymous said...

Hi Charles,
Thanks for the focused review. I'm glad Virtual Play is on your 'listening to' list--I remember cringing a little when I first read that you don't usually listen to actual play recordings because, as you point out, Virtual Play is in a niche somewhere between all actual play and all commentary.
Take care,
Mel White

Charles said...


What eventually sold me was the 4E content...