Monday, September 01, 2008

Podcasting 101 Links

In case anyone's interested in starting a podcast, here are some links that I found useful:

From Mary Robinette Kowal: Reading Aloud (a series of articles on how-to read aloud and audio fiction).

This is probably most useful to those planning on podcasting their own fiction. Mostly text but some audio as well.
From Podcasting Tools (a resource site on podcasting)

A general resource on podcasting. Text-only resource.
From Pulp Gamer Gen Con Seminars (a series of podcasts conducted during Gen Con)

More focused on the gaming podcast industry but has useful advice nonetheless for non-gaming podcasts. Audio only.
From The Podcast Advantage (a podcast on new marketing and communication)

Focused more on marketing and leveraging podcasts for your company. Audio only.

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