Friday, September 12, 2008

Philippine Speculative Fiction Stories Available Online

I was tweaking my blog and I finally added a link in the sidebar to my post on Philippine speculative fiction stories that have been published in online markets. Here's the list (will be updating that list in the future, not this entry):

Strange Horizons, January 6 2003
Clarkesworld Magazine Issue 13, October 2007
The Town Drunk November 2007
Serendipity Issue 3, November 2007
Bewildering Stories Issue 269, November 2007
Rubric Issue 3, December 2007
The Town Drunk February 2008
Fantasy Magazine March 2008
East of the Web April 2008
Alienskin Magazine August 2008
Bewildering Stories Issue 304, September 2008


Dean said...

Hi Charles, you can add the two other stories I have in earlier issues of Bewildering Stories - The Middle Prince in issue 214 (2006), and Into the Morning in issue 251 (2007).

Charles said...